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It’s no cliché to say that every business is different when it comes to their online presence. You may have been at the game for a while, but your website isn’t doing that you want it to do. Or you may want to start from scratch, taking your brick and mortar business online.

Social media isn’t a flash in the pan. And it’s not just fun. It’s a measurable, highly effective and economical marketing tool that’s become a necessity. Think of it as the new business card. But doing to right—and the getting the results you want—takes planning and commitment.

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Our conversation starts with a discussion about goals. Do you want a place to feature rescue dogs for rehoming? Do you want to feature daily specials at your restaurant? Do you want to sell more of your handcrafted cutting boards? We’ll talk about your best digital options and how you can maximize your marketing budget. Instagram is not right for everyone! Then I’ll a put a plan together, call in reinforcements if I need to in the name of professional photographers, website designers and ecommerce experts. Finally, I’ll help you step into the digital world with just the right tools to accomplish those goals.

Brennivins Pizza Hus

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