About Me

A journalist by trade and an adventurer at heart, my career has included stints as a reporter, magazine writer, editor, foodstylist, television cook and most recently, digital marketer — always collecting stories, whether I’m on assignment or not.

Curiosity. That’s what drives me. My need to know runs deep, whether it’s the incubation period of an ostrich egg, how you made your first dollar in business or all about your favourite heirloom tomato in the garden.

My passions are many, from coaxing the perfect oven temperature out of a 100-year old McClary cookstove to making fresh tortillas in an outdoor kitchen in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. I’m an avid hunter, angler, gardener and soup maker, beekeeper, chicken lady and duck wrangler, bird nerd and reader. One day I’ll write the great Canadian novel.

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